Year 5 Practical Investigations

What a wonderful Wednesday! Practical investigations (Working as Scientists skill 4) continued in Year 5 today.

Charlie and Archie were able to unwrap and test the sandwiches they made yesterday. They carried out a comparative test to see which type of wrapping kept the sandwiches freshest. Charlie also carried out some research and found a newspaper article online which was about the greenest way to wrap your lunch.

Kody and Elspeth discussed their ideas for a comparative test of the properties of different bottles with Lucas, our caretaker. Lucas left them a surprise at lunchtime – some solid shampoo, which they are thinking of using to compare which types of shampoo and packaging are most environmentally friendly. Elspeth discovered that bioplastic is not a simple solution to the challenges of plastic waste, she used what she found in several online articles and books to inform her opinions. Kody brought some vegetable waste and an egg in to use in their experiment – though the egg didn’t survive the trip to school. Great initiative, Kody!

Krzys, Kaja, Dexter and Jamie made a second type of cleaning spray today ready for a comparative test. They also asked Lucas some of the ‘ask an expert’ questions they had prepared. This group is trying to find a solution to the amount of plastic waste we produce as a school through the use of cleaning spray bottles. They found the answer to some of their research questions today and then also generated some follow-up questions. Where will this investigation take them next?