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Monday 9th October – Important history work continues at after school club

Another productive and purposeful session tonight.  The four main activities continue with Year 6 working on the statements for the WW1 timeline, Year 5 working on the casualty map and the timeline for the fallen, and Year 4 working on the logbook.  Neil Storey joined us and worked with Billy and Finley on the casualty map.

I just want to take a minute to explain the work that Year 4 are engaged in.  In many ways it is the hardest of the activities as they are painstakingly transcribing handwritten entries from the school’s own logbook from 1914 – 1919.  This is hard because they need to learn the handwriting style, carefully working out each word.  They draft each entry out onto mini whiteboards which are then checked by the teacher, before they carefully type them onto the timeline.  This is genuine, authentic historical working. Hard going, but rewarding and utterly fascinating as it offers an important first-hand insight into life at out school 100 years ago.  Well done, Year 4.  Enjoy the gallery.