Year 6 – Anglia Square – 2nd site visit

As part of our follow up work, Year 6 visited Anglia Square for a second time this week. We went with the purpose of completing customer surveys, employing our new photography skills and undertaking a historical walk.

Part 1 – Led by Miss Lewis, the children completed questionnaires with members of the public to help gain a better idea of what Anglia Square means to them. You can view our findings here. Anglia Square survey

Part 2 – Children were taken on a historical tour of the area by Duncan and Simon from The Common Lot. They explained lots about the current development and how it has changed over the years. They also shared where the changes happened and the impact that they had.

Part 3 – Working with Mr Hubery, the children photographed different parts of Anglia Square. They used the skills that were learnt in the photography sessions with Sam and the impact of their work is amazing! Here are a selection of the photographs that were taken.