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How does the heart pump blood?

Heart experiment

We did an experiment to see what happened to our heart when we did different exercise.

We measured 10m using a trundle wheel to make sure it was a fair test. First we measured our heart beats sitting down, then walking, then jogging then sprinting. (Zarah)

After each we measured our heart rate and recorded it. We found that sprinting made our heart beat the fastest. (Nataniel)

What we have learnt about the heart

Joshua: Your heart pumps your blood around your body. It beats around 42 million times a year!!!

Zarah and Joshua: The heart pumps the blood all around you body. It sends blood that has no oxygen to the lungs to get oxygen.

Nataniel: There is blue blood and red blood. The blue blood has no oxygen and the red blood has oxygen.

Harvey: The heart has valves. The valves let the blood through and stop it going back the other way.

Jayden: The heart is a muscle and we need to keep it strong and healthy. Fruit and veg helps so does exercise.

Dilmara: The blood goes through your lungs and the heart pumps fast when you run.

We used bottles to make a model of how the heart works.

We squeezed the bottle to work like a pump and then we squeezed and relaxed the straw to stop the blood going backwards.

Keeping our hearts healthy

We made some heart healthy food. We prepared a lovely fruit salad topped with yoghurt and a small amount of DARK chocolate.

We wrote a recipe as a class.

Making a heart healthy fruit salad






1 square of dark chocolate



  1. Peel the banana and chop in to small bite size pieces
  2. Cut the orange in half and cut off the top. Use the knife to carefully cut off the skin. Cut the orange into small pieces and add to the bowl.
  3. Cut the apple in half and then half again and cut out the core. Cut into small pieces.
  4. Carefully cut the grapes in half long ways (to avoid choking risk).
  5. Add all chopped fruits to a large mixing bowl.
  6. Sprinkle blueberries over the fruit salad.
  7. Tip yoghurt into a bowl.
  8. Grate chocolate into the yoghurt and mix them.
  9. Spoon fruit salad into bowls and top with chocolate yoghurt