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Let the science begin!

Working as scientists

This week has been a very exciting week in Maple. We have been really looking forward to starting to work as scientists. On Thursday and Friday we saw an amazing assembly by Mad science and had a go at lots of experiments.


We classified things by their properties and we made predictions about what we thought would happen.

We were also lucky enough to visit a planetarium where we got to journey through our solar system and take a look at the international space station. It was an amazing experience.

Finialy, we started thinking about the sort of questions we would like to try and answer when we are working as scientists.

Here is a selection of the questions:

How do sharks sleep?

Do aliens exist and do the come to earth?

Is the Lochness  monster real?

How big is our planet?

Can astronauts eat pizza in space?

Where does the internet come from?


We thought about the different emotions we have and where we feel them in our bodies and what we do when we feel like that. This week we were looking at feeling sad and we made models that showed people being sad.

Forest schools

This week we explored the area and thought about how we can stay safe when we are there. We chose a tree each to be out ‘be tree’ somewhere we can go when we are feeling we would like time to ourselves.


We have been looking at place value and have been playing games, making the biggest numbers we can to try to beat our partner.