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Our projects so far:

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We have been learning about the human body (Ella). Everyone has picked a part of the human body to research, I chose the digestive system (Jonathan). We have been going on the computers to carry out research (Ameliah). We have been creating projects boards because we want people to learn from us (Daisy and David). We have also been reading information in books and writing facts for our project boards (Charlie-May, Jacob and Olivia). We have been drawing diagrams of the human body, I have drawn the heart (Daniel).

We planned our crafts by making lists of what we needed and what we were going to do (Matilda, Tash and Ameliah). We have been making crafts to represent our topics (Ameliah). I am excited to paint our clay brain with Ella (Jezley). My favourite bit was moulding the clay (Lillie).

There is less than a week till the Science Festival (Connor). We have been working very hard for our science project and we are really looking forward to it. I am excited to present my work! (Olivia).