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The Science Festival

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we took part in Wensum’s Science Festival (Ameliah). We wore lanyards and had certain things on them; including where we had to go and what we were taking part in (Adriana, Jonathan and Hannah). Some of us went to the same activities (Ella),

Some of us presented in Finchley class and others presented in Armes and Dolphin class (Connor). All our information focused on the human body. Lots of facts and information were written on our science boards (Hannah).

We presented to our parents (Daisy). I loved my parents watching and being proud of us (Jonathan). I felt nervous performing in front of my adult because I hadn’t done it before. I feel happy now it is done! (Ameliah). I felt excited seeing my parents. I thought the performance was great! (Lillie). I liked when the parents came because they were all sitting well (Hannah). All the crafts we made, we showed the parents. They thought they were amazing! (Jacob). I felt really upset because my parents were not there (Toby, Matilda). My belly was tingling because I was nervous in front of my mum (Jonathan). I feel amazing because I loved performing in front of the audience (Jezley).

When I was performing I felt like a star (Ameliah). When we were performing we were being brave (Jezley). I felt really brave and amazing when I was performing (Tommy).

I loved watching the other performances, I thought they were really fun (Charlie-May). In the hall, we shouted really loudly – WE ARE BRILLIANT! WE ARE BRAVE! WE ARE SCIENTISTS!! (Hannah). Also in the hall, Dr Ken came and showed us some science magic (Hannah). He showed us a whip that made a wave and that is what made it make a loud sound (Isabelle). Dr Ken ate fire, but because we make special air (carbon dioxide, James) he was able to put it out. (Connor).

We also watched others performances (Toby) and it was fabulous because we learned so much! (Aiden).

We made mini lava lamps. We put two colours in a cup and then added oil. The colours then started to separate from each other. We then put a tablet in it and it started to bubble! (Adriana).

We had to figure out a skeletons DNA. We found out by looking at patterns it was a boy with Ginger hair (Olivia).

We also made tie dye napkins (Ameliah).

Some new terminology we have learnt is:

Alvioli – They are little air sacks in your lungs (Eden)

Research – This is when you find things out using a computer, book or asking questions (Adriana and Naomi)

Neuron – It sends signals around your body (Daisy)

Phalanges – They are bones in your fingers (Charlie- May)

Curious – When you want to find something out. Asking questions (Rose) Being mysterious (Toby)

Observation – Look at something and take notes (Olivia)

Cardiac Muscle – The heart muscle (Connor)

Finchley Class