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Thursday 19th September: Yr4 woodland walk

Morgan and Harvey:  On Thursday Yr 4 went to the local woodland to observe the plants that grow there, look for the habitats of different animals, and to collect anything that we wanted to observe more closely back in class.  Here are some thoughts from Nelson class.

Harvey:  I wasn’t expecting to find mushrooms growing. They were growing on the side of a big, deep slope.

Morgan: I liked the vines that were growing solidly up the tree.

Jack:  We discovered a gravestone about 30cm tall that marks the corpse of a dog called Punch.  The gravestone said Punch was 13 years old when he died. We also found a fox hole in progress.  Kido:  Punch died in 1888. Kobi: There were also cracks in the gravestone.

Kacper: When I was walking in the forest I found my old den. It has kind of fallen apart.

Kido: We found a rope swing and a tree that had been cut down and had fallen into the bushes.

Kobi: We found an old, dirty tent that had rotten sticks beside it.  We also found a dead bird.

Charlie:  We found a gap underneath a tree and we saw moss all over the roots. We also found a nest.

Harshil:  I found a blackberry and I wondered what happened if I let it sit and dry.

Lornia:  When we entered the wood we found a huge pile of sticks that was shaped like a house that something was living in. Lily said it was a beaver’s house…

Ethan:  The wood felt a bit cold. I think this was because the trees were blocking out the sun.

Troy:  We found a cave and also a dug up tree like the one in our story Tidy.

Arthur:  Once we got into the forest the ground was mostly ups and downs and it was very hard to stay steady when we walked.