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We are paleontologists

This week we have been learning about paleontology. We learnt that paleontologists find out about dinosaurs from their fossils. We learnt about the fossilisation process.

We had a go at making our own cast fossils.

On Friday we learnt that fossilised dinosaur poo is one way that they know what dinosaurs ate or they look at teeth. It will have sharp teeth if it is a meat eater and blunt teeth if it is a herbivore or if it is an omnivore it will have sharp and blunt teeth. (LE)

We learnt that Raptors weren’t carnivores or herbivores. The volociraptor was actually an omnivore. Omnivore means it is a carnivore and an herbivore. Paleontologists figured out that they had sharp teeth and flat teeth. (JB)

This may look like jelly but it is actually the different layers of rocks and soil. That is how they know when the dinosaurs lived. Whether it was Jurassic or Triassic. The lower down the fossil is the older it is. (LE)

LD: We dusted the fossils and we found some bones. We were really careful so we could work out what dinosaur it was.