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Year 5 Science Project reflections

Yesterday, we spent time thinking about our Science projects, and writing a reflection.  Here is what 2 of Turner class wrote:

Jayden- For my project the aspects of science I studied were vulcanology, volcanoes and rocks from volcanoes like obsidian, pumice and granite.

The most interesting things I found out were: the plates slipped so volcanoes rose and that’s why there’s something caleld the ring of fire; mouldy milk separate if you add food colouring and fairy liquid; Year 3 are hard to look after!

The thing I enjoyed most was looking at facts because it was fun and I got to learn more stuff like the samllest volcano in the world is Mount Taal.


Lyra- For my project, the aspect of science I studied was stars and constellations.  Interesting things I discovered while making my project were:

-I learnt about a life cycle of a star

-I learnt about the star signs

-there are 88 constellations

I enjoyed sticking things on my board so I could see all my work.  I am very proud of the way I laid it out because I love the overall look.