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Year 6 Science Fair Blog Day One

Year 6 are self-isolating until Monday 30th November. But this has not stopped us! We have been doing our Science learning on Seesaw.

We found out this week about what carbon neutral means, and how we can make our homes more energy efficient (to stop us wasting so much energy).

Here is a slideshow showing just a few examples of the amazing learning that was done on Seesaw last week:

This term we have learnt so much! We have found out about different types of energy, types of fuel, how electricity is made, what global warming and Greenhouse Gases are…The list goes on! Paul created a quiz to help us check how much we can remember.You can try it out here:

On Wednesday we made our own presentations about the types of fuels we use to produce energy. Check out Althea’s from Dragon Class.

Althea did a presentation about renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.