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4th May – WW1 recruitment day launches history project

Working as Historians, our third and final REAL project of the year, got off to a superb start today with our World War 1 recruitment day. Historian Neil Storey, dressed as his alter-ego Sgt. Storey, got the day underway with a thought-provoking assembly entitled ‘We are now at war!’ telling children all about why Great Britain went to war in 1914. Following this, the children undertook some basic training. This included rifle drill, marching, Swedish Drill (WW1-era fitness), making sandbags, a medical, and a history lesson on King, Country and Empire. In the afternoon, the Lord Mayor of Norwich visited to ‘inspect the recruits’. She watched demonstrations from basic training before addressing the children on the parade ground. Tomorrow, we will find out all about the Norwich Regiment, before more basic training, and finally a visit to St Barnabas Church in the afternoon for our project launch. Enjoy the gallery of images.