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Dolphin’s Bollywood Workshop 11/3/2019

Today Dolphin class had great fun learning to do a Bollywood dance.

First Tina taught us the lotus hand movements. Then she taught us how to use our whole body to do the dance. We learnt that Bollywood contains 3 types of dance: classical Indian, contemporary and Bhangra.

Once we had learnt the dance routine we were able to wear some traditional Indian outfits. Girls were able to wear saris and boys wore waist coats and ankle bells. We had to wear the bells on our right foot as you lead the dance with the right side of your body.

Lily – “It was great fun, we learnt lots of different movements”

Rosetta – “It was amazing, we had so many colourful costumes”

Isla – “We learnt Bollywood dancing is made up of lots of hand movements”