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Friday 15th February. Y3 visit the Norfolk Heritage Centre

Today year 3 went on a trip to Norwich Millennium Library to visit the Norfolk Heritage Centre. We walked to and from the library.

Each class had the opportunity to spend some time in the 8+ children’s library area. Year 3 had story time then explored the books. Some children signed up to the library and were able to take books home with them.

When visiting the Norfolk Heritage Centre we had to go up to the 3rd floor. We split into groups and explored a variety of old books. We were even taken to the book storage area and shown how the shelves were electronically moved.

In groups we were shown old maps of Norwich and photographs. We were able to see how Norwich has changed through the years.

Lauren Dolphin class – “We saw that our school disappeared on one of the maps as it hadn’t been built”

Lily Dolphin class – “We had a lovely trip. We learnt about the past”