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Reflection of the Science Festival – Dolphin

I enjoyed listening to the questions and I got to ask a question. – Grace

In the assembly I enjoyed the juggling. – Leo

I liked the whip when it went bang! – Eva

I liked it when Dr Ken ate fire. – Ana

I found out that they were cutting down the rain forest. – Eva

I found out if you get laser eye surgery it gets burnt and smells like bacon. – Matilda

We got to dissect an owl pellet and we got to take home bones too. – Leo

In virtual reality you had goggles on and there were dinosaurs. – Taylor

The planetarium was really interesting and we got to the stars. – Sylvie

The balls connected to the iPad and you had to move them around (Virtual reality) – Logan

I liked making poo because it was fun and we got to put loads of stuff in it. – Logan