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29th September – What is soil and why is it important?

Finchley class had their second gardening lesson today and we were investigating soil. We wanted to find out what it was, what was in it, and why it was so important. We started by collecting soil samples from the raised beds. We then brought them back to the classroom to take a closer look, recording our thoughts on what we saw and what the soil felt like to the touch. We collected samples of the top layer of compost and the deeper ‘Wensum soil’. We then watched a short film about what soil is made up from. We used this to create a class answer to today’s lesson. At the very end of the day we did a pH test to find out what kind of soil we had. As the solution turned green the chart told us that our soil is between Neutral and Alkaline so ideal for most vegetables. We will use this information to help us to choose what to grow in it.

What is soil and why is it important? Class answer

Soil is made out of minerals, air, water and organic matter (dead or living creatures and plants). Soil is important because it gives plants water and food or nutrients. The humus is the top layer of soil, it is dark brown and it’s where plants grow.