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18th March

I was in Celebration Assembly this morning and found myself looking at these amazing pieces of art work.  Y3 have used Gustav Klimt’s Tree of Life as inspiration for their own decorative and fantastical trees.  The display looks truly impressive from a distance and up close.  Come and have a look the next time you are in school.

We will be launching our new project next week when Clare from RSPB returns to deliver the workshops that had to be postponed a couple of weeks ago.  While we will be moving onto new and exciting things, the garden project continues.  The young vegetable plants need to be nurtured in class until they are strong enough to go outside.  Aleks worked really hard today giving each one a real soaking to keep them going over the weekend.  Ella presents her findings from some extra work she did on plants last night.  She told us all about primary and lateral roots, while Bailey told us about what fertilizer does and how it helps plants grow and.  Well done to both of you for doing extra homework just because you were interested enough to do so!