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3rd March

Writing a story in 20 minutes

Mr Hubery’s I Love Reading group write a new Harry Potter adventure in 20 minutes.  The story has not been edited, polished or developed in any way.  It is exactly as it happened.  We hope you like it!
Once there was a young boy called Harry Potter and he was a wizard. He went to a school for wizards and witches in a forest on top of rocky mountains. One of the things he wanted to learn was how to fly a broomstick.
During Science Club he tried to make a potion that would make him fly faster and do extremely awesome tricks. While mixing the potion he heard a creaking noise so he turned around. As he did so he knocked the potion over with his elbow. It fell to the floor and smashed into tiny pieces.
Harry was terrified. He was worried that Dumbledor would discover that he’d been trying to cheat so he tried to clean up and hide the evidence. At that moment Dumbledor comes into the lab. Harry was terrified, but Dumbledor tells Harry that if he does it again he’d be banned from doing magic for ever!
The next day was broomstick racing day and Harry thought that he was going to lose because he didn’t have the potion. Somehow Harry wins the race without the potion and Harry realises that he doesn’t need to cheat, only to believe in himself.