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Monday 11th July – Harvest Soup

While we have been busily working the seeds we planted after Easter have been busy growing and today was the time to harvest, bringing a project that started with healthy eating back in October last year to an amazing and dramatic end.  The whole of year 3 went out to harvest the crops first thing today.  To the delight of children and staff alike, we worked through the 7 square foot gardening boxes identifying the vegetables and then carefully removing the ones that were ready.  We then transported them back to Mr Whalen’s class for a closer inspection.  Inspired by the work, Mr Whalen used them in his assembly, before taking them back to class so they could be prepared for the soup.  Mr Whalen worked with a small group on some REAL maths, working out the average number of peas in a pod (7), the total number of peas (437) and how many we’d have each if we divided them equally amongst ourselves (7, with 38 left over).  In the afternoon we prepared the vegetables for soup which we then served with crusty bread at the end of the day.  Not everyone loved the soup, but most people tried it which is the most important thing.  Well done everyone for your hard work over the last 9 months.  It has been an amazing journey.