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RSPB Visit

Another action packed and thought provoking day.  Clare from RSPB returned as promised and delivered two great workshops: Giving Nature a Home and Bioblitz.  The children learned about different habitats and when out to see which ones we had on the site.  They also looked for different kinds of wildlife across the site. We then got together at the end of the morning and shared our thoughts and ideas.  In the afternoon they completed a short questionnaire which we will use to help us plan the upcoming project.  We left the children with one question:  If we invited Clare back in 10 weeks time what would she expect to see…?

We also did some pricking out – carefully repotting the seedlings so they have room to grow before we plant them in our garden.  We talked about how we needed to be really gentle so that we didn’t damage the new roots.  Cassie did really well easing the corn seedling out without affecting the roots.  You can see her careful work in the gallery above. Look how extensive the root system already is and its only about 3 weeks old!

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