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Armes Class- Gardening

Today we had our very first gardening session which took place in the poly tunnel on the field.

We were lucky enough to have some expert guidance from Mr McConnell, who showed us how to be an excellent gardener.  Here is what we have to say about our first lesson-

Marianna- “if you have clean hands you are not a very good gardener”

Kye- “we need to make sure the poly tunnel is in good working order”

Jack- “I really enjoyed digging in the mud”

Chloe- “I really enjoyed organizing the environment to make it a good learning space”

Jayden- “I really enjoyed preparing the flower beds”

We used a thermometer to find out the temperature inside and outside the poly tunnel.  It was 12 degrees warmer inside the tunnel. This is why you can continue to grow things in the winter months.  We also did a few important jobs for January. We weeded all the beds, checked the outside of the tunnel for damage, and had a general tidy up.  Next week we’ll start sowing.  Enjoy the gallery