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Holt hall

Day 1:

We arrived at Holt Hall and are ready to go!
After settling in and getting into our detective teams the children prepared themselves on how they were going to collect the clues.

Something has been stolen and the children have to work out who, what and where from. One from each category were put into a safe and the children will have to work mathematically to get a clue to eventually work out who it could be.

After a quick lunch, we worked in our team building skills including trying to make a square ( blindfolded), a very large version of the tower of Hanoi and ordering themselves whilst staying on a small log (without talking).

Later on we looked at footprints to work out who they belonged to- the children had to find the length of each footprint and then convert it to find out the height ratio, given us a clue on who hey belonged to.

Dinner was loud despite lots of the children saying they were tired. We relaxed in the lounge or went for a walk in the woods with Mr Swan.

The children have worked really well in their teams!