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Norwich Science Festival

Earlier today, Year 5 visited the Forum for the Norwich Science Festival. Out of the way of the public we went downstairs to the Auditorium and were split into our year teams ready for the first two activities.

Activity A: International Space station

We learnt how difficult life could be working on the International Space Station and how even the smallest screw could cause thousands of pounds worth of damage. Whilst we couldn’t sent the children into space to understand how hard fixing faults were, we could replicate it with a garden glove and tiny pasta. In only 2 minutes they had to move each piece of pasta one by one to another bowl-if they picked up two they had to restart. One of the teams managed to get 77 across!



Activity B: The Planets

We were very prepared for this activity after all the work we had done on already. The children divided into teams, representing the eight planets, the children had to use their information cards to collect their correct counterparts; correct number of moons, how long a year was, correct size of the planet (and make a model too!), and how long a rotation was. The children presented their information back at the end.

The Planetarium

Unfortunately the Planetarium wasn’t running to full capacity- meaning we did have a bit of a wait but it was fantastic inside.


Back at School

We arrived back slightly early so after a late lunch and a break we watched the interview Tim Peake did during his time in space where he got to answer some children’s questions. This brought even more questions ,which may be a good start for our independent topics.