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February 12th- Outdoor Learning Day

Today was outdoor learning day! Year 5 experimented with metaphors using the story “Not-A-Stick” as inspiration. Here are some examples:

  • The stick was a stylish, beautiful mustache. 
  • The leaf was a messy, old, crumpled bed cover.
  • The amazing stick was a unicorn horn which was peeling away.
  • The stick was a mighty amazing sword that fought monsters.
  • The stick was a humongous living anaconda that slithered around the jungle.


  • It’s not a stick, It’s an ancient, mysterious fishing rod that once caught the largest fish in the world and  hadn’t been found for a 1000 years until now!
  • It’s not a lifeless, boring stick, it’s a wand from the year 3015, colourful and futuristic. It was also used by Harry Potter who was cloned!
  • It’s not a stick, it is a dreadful, ancient broomstick which was used by a fat, ugly witch.
  • It’s not a twig, it’s a golden, silvery ancient gun.