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1st March – Our children amaze in LiT training session

Those of you who have followed the Year 6 posts over recent weeks will be familiar with the format: a series of images of children enjoying hula hoops, juggling and acrobalance, and some very positive comments about the engagement of the children and the work of the LiT coaches. I have to say, though, that it’s really hard to convey just how well they are doing. Having spent a good portion of the afternoon sitting in on the sessions I can tell you that their confidence, resilience, progress and skill level staggered me. Hoops looks amazing and I was thrilled to watch the skillful and creative individual performances, as the remainder of the group watched with respect and genuine support for their friends and peers. Juggling is really pushing some of the children, but their sense of achievement is obvious when a complex move goes right. Acro continues to push children to the limits of their physical capabilities, but they never gave up. Their performance is going to amaze and delight in equal measure. Book your tickets!
Mr H