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1st November. Wensum welcomes Lost in Translation

What an amazing afternoon. Just before 1pm, Annabel, Elena and Matt from Lost in Translation circus arrived at Wensum to start work with Year 6 during their afternoon PE lessons. Year 6 will be working with LiT from January on their Working as Artists project which will culminate in an original piece of circus / physical theatre written and performed by the children. Up until Christmas the three coaches from LiT, together with Natalie and Oli from CSF and Mr H, will be working with the children to build up competence and confidence in three core circus skills (juggling, hoops and acrobatics) so that they are ready to work with them from January.

The session started with a tough 20 minute warm-up comprising games (pass the squeeze; knights, cavaliers & damsels) and a range of stretching exercises, before moving into a 60 minute session where children rotated around the three core circus skills. These skills were totally new to most of the children and proved a real challenge, but they just kept going. There was plenty of grit, perseverance and very impressive paired work as they helped each other to start the process of acquiring these new skills. The levels of trust and support demonstrated by the children in the acrobatics was wonderful to witness. More next week as they revisit these skills as they develop what LiT call ‘physical memory’ Enjoy the gallery. I challenge you not to smile at the children’s obvious enjoyment of the work.