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21st October – CAN Visit – Working as scientists

This morning, Y6 Speke class made their way to City Academy to work as scientists, and made lots of puppets while exploring design and technology skills.

Also, we made colourful fireworks and changed the fire colour by using different chemicals such as: copper, sodium, potassium, calcium, lithium, barium and strontium. These chemicals are used to give colour to fireworks.

We also put water on to pennies to see how much surface tension we could create. Mr Whalen managed to get 51 drops of water onto a 1p coin.

The second group made finger puppets with a Halloween theme! They had to use sewing and cutting skills. This also included choosing which materials to use.

On the way back, the children explored the affects of precipitation and how many drops of water a child could absorb!!

Speke Class!