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Norwich Gaming Festival

Year 6 had a great time today at The Forum when they took part in the Norwich Gaming Festival.

They experienced:

Coding an Adventure

Students brought their gaming imaginations to life with Tommy Thompson and Shaun Spaulding in a live coding experience. Seeing first-hand how changing a single number can affect how high a player can jump and how fast they can run as the class built a unique gaming adventure together.

Music for Gaming with GarageBand

Working with Laboratory Media Education, pupils captured the sounds of excitement and tension for their gaming ideas by creating short music tracks using GarageBand.

Get Gaming Gallery

LOADS of great gaming content in the Get Gaming Gallery. A set of Raspberry Pi’s and PiCEEDS were available to try. They explored retro arcade games and some brand new games fresh off the press.

Here’s the webpage to The Forum website with links to some of the programmers that were at the festival.