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Travel exhibition feedback…

“Great displays. Really eye-catching. Lovely welcome.”

“The presentation was amazing, I’m ready to book. I enjoyed reading all the facts. Very interesting and a beautiful place so far.”

“A wonderfully informative presentation – beautifully layed out too! And four very persuasive travel agents!!”

“Very informative, Aydena the sales rep really sold this holiday, although I will need to save up more money!”

“Nice presentation. Lots of info. Well done. Would book tomorrow if I had the money. Lovely pics and helpful information – would love to visit.”

“You are colourful and bright as a team.”

“Lovely, had all worked very hard and very impressed.”

“Food very nice – and persuasive.”

“Fabulous and edible presentation!!”

“Lovely presentation, very pretty place would be awesome to visit.”

“A very colourful presentation and bubbly presentations!”