Year 3 Science Fair

Year 3 Autumn Term 2020

Meet the team


Rob Whalen

Class teacher, Pegasus Class


Rianne Haynes

Class teacher, Unicorn Class


Lisa Martin

Year 3 Teaching Assistant and Licenced Thrive Practitioner


Amy Mann

Forest Schools teacher


Dan Clucas

PE and games coach


Mark Smith

Apprentice PE and Wellbeing coach

Liz original


Music tutor

Staff bio

Liz Wood was born in Paris, France, in 1973.  Early on she discovered that music was her passion.  She wasn't very academic, at school, but does remember enjoying music, art and Italian lessons.  She started to learn piano at 11 and ay 15 she discovered the guitar.  Although she left school way too early, her love for music helped her find her way back to discovering her "thing".  She believes everyone has their "thing", a purpose, and once we find it, we can learn, thrive and share it.

What we're up to this term

This term we will be learning about:

Number: addition and subtraction


Number:  fractions


Number: multiplication and division


Our key text is Ruby's Worry by Tom Percival.  Inspired by this we will be doing a range of writing including informal letters, recount writing, book reviews and thought bubble recounts.  We will then be producing a range of non-fiction writing inspired by our science work on mental and physical wellbeing.

This year our science project is brief-led as children work towards producing a ‘community legacy outcome’ based on a strand from the Norwich 2040 City Vision. 

Year 3 brief:  to develop innovative approaches to promote physical and mental wellbeing in school and the wider community.   

This term we are going to be focussing on using a range of ways to manage conflicts and disagreements; being assertive rather than threatening or bullying, and learning how to show what is socially acceptable in different contexts.

Each Monday we have our class meeting where we discuss the big issues affecting our school and explore solutions.  Each Friday our class reps attend the Pupil Council where they present our class responses for further discussion. 

This term Year 3 will be learning the ukulele. They will be led by our new Sistema Norwich tutor Liz. 

Activities this term will include shelter building, outdoor maths, wild art, building fires and flint and steel, scavenger hunts, pond dipping, clay animals, swings and knots.  Children will develop a range of personal and interpersonal skills as well as building new knowledge.  

We are going to be looking at different habitats and what plants grow throughout the year. We will be growing plants and vegetables seasonally throughout the year to support our learning about a healthy diet.

In Citizenship we learn how to stay happy, healthy and safe, while exploring the skills needed to become educated and active members of the community. Citizenship includes Relationships and Health Education (RHE) and Religious Education (RE).

This term Year 3 will be learning about The Christmas Story in RE and the difference between make and female bodies in RHE.

This term, children will be learning the skills and competencies associated with a range of invasion games including basketball, netball and tag rugby

We are going to be focussing on the use Seesaw and upskilling Year 3’s in the different ways to use it when responding to learning.