Year 5 Science Fair

Year 5 Autumn Term 2020

Meet the team


Sam Naylor

Class teacher, Pixie Class


Jo Kloss

Class teacher, Yeti Class


Georgina Fiddament

Year 5 Teaching Assistant (Monday - Thursday)


Sasha Slater

Year 5 Classroom Assistant


Amy Mann

Forest Schools teacher, PPA cover, Teaching Assistant (Friday's)


Dan Clucas

PE and games coach, PPA cover


Mark Smith

Apprentice PE and Wellbeing coach


Kim Stevens

Licenced Thrive Practitioner

James 2


Music tutor

What we're up to this term

This term we are learning about:

Number: Place value up to 5 digits and rounding to the nearest 100, 1000, 10,000

Calculation: Addition & subtraction; estimation & approximation; multiplying & dividing; factors, prime, square & cube numbers.

Statistics:  Interpreting data in table & charts

Measurement: Perimeter & area

Reading: Inferences and deductions from a text; reading for research; evaluating a writer's use of language; drawing on a range of texts for evidence.

Writing:  Writing in role; building suspense; editing and improving our writing; increasing fluency with handwriting and accuracy with spelling.

Oracy:  Developing techniques for speaking and listening.

This year our science project is brief-led as children work towards producing a ‘community legacy outcome’ based on a strand from the Norwich 2040 City Vision. 

Year 5 brief:  to reduce the amount of waste we generate by increasing rates of recycling, repair and reuse, and by reducing consumption.

In Thrive we will be focussing our sessions on promoting a range of social and emotional skills needed to promote learning and wellbeing. We will be learning how to regulate our emotions more effectively and improve interactions with those around us.

Each Thursday we have our class meeting where we discuss the big issues affecting our school and explore solutions.  Each Friday our class reps attend the Pupil Council where they present our class responses for further discussion. 

This term we are learning how to us GarageBand on the iPad to create our own multitrack compositions.  Sessions are led by Sistema Norwich tutor James. 

This term, children will develop a range of personal and interpersonal skills as well a new knowledge, skills and understanding through a range of activities and projects that include:  shelter building, outdoor maths, wild art, flint and steel, scavenger hunts, bug hotels, pond dipping, clay animals and swings and knots.

We will be using a 'Growing Calendar' to plan seasonal planting on our plot on the field.  We will also be undertaking some re-use and upcycling projects for the garden inspired by our science work.  

In Citizenship we learn how to stay happy, healthy and safe, while exploring the skills needed to become educated and active members of the community. Citizenship includes Relationships & Health Education (RHE) and Religious Education (RE).

This term we will be learning about Christmas around the world in RE, and the changes we experience during puberty in RHE.

This term, children will be learning the skills and competencies associated with a range of invasion and team games including handball and hockey.

Using Seesaw we will be capturing our learning and recording it in our online portfolios.  We will be creating music using GarageBand on iPads, covering online safety, and using PowerPoint to create tables, pie charts and graphs.