During lockdown we explored a number of platforms for providing live content, assemblies and class meetings. We found that Zoom really worked for us with impressive functionality that allowed easy access and use for staff and families. As we find ourselves once again planning for home learning it is a good idea to revisit our protocols for using the platform to ensure that staff, children and families can get the most and the best out of it while remaining happy, healthy and safe. Please read carefully and discuss at home.

Zoom in the news

Zoom has swiftly become the go-to video conferencing platform during lockdown.  High levels of reliability and functionality have certainly contributed to this. That said, the media has carried stories of issues over security which concerns some.  In the light of these concerns we have explored other platforms, but at this point, it is our view that Zoom represents the best option available to meet our needs.  We believe that as long as staff and families ensure that no personal information is disclosed during calls and that meeting IDs and passwords are NEVER SHARED with those outside the class then all reasonable measures have been taken.  In addition, the host teacher has the right to refuse entry onto the call to anyone that is not recognised, and also has the ability to remove anyone whose behaviour breaches our school values.  Our experiences so far have been very positive.  Please help us ensure that they continue to be so by following the protocols set out below. 

Families will:

  • ensure that anyone who appears on camera is appropriately and fully dressed
  • Join the meeting within 5 minutes of it starting
  • make sure that the child is identified by their name (first name and surname first initial i.e. Peter H).  If they are not, they will not be let in.
  • make sure that wherever possible Zoom calls take place in a communal space rather than a bedroom
  • feel able to join the conversation if they wish (parents and siblings)
  • be honest, kind and respectful at all times
  • not disclose any personal information about themselves or anyone else
  • not share the meeting link, ID or password with anyone. It is for personal use only.

Staff will:

  • send out an invite via Seesaw in advance
  • Lock the meeting 5 minutes after it starts
  • mute all children from the start and then remove this feature so children can speak and be heard
  • check the identity of all those trying to join the meeting and will challenge anyone they don’t recognise or cannot positively identify.  If they participant cannot be identified the they will not be admitted
  • set out clear expectations at the start of each meeting
  • allow all children to participate

If you have any further questions, then please get in touch via office@wensum.norfolk.sch.uk

Installing & Using Zoom

Zoom is a video meeting system which works most computers, tablets and phones. You need to download and install it.   

You can get it from https://zoom.us/download or from your phone or tablet’s app store or play store.

Once it’s installed, you can get into a meeting by clicking on the URL, or by entering the Meeting ID and Password.

We have produced a guidance document which you can view by clicking below