All about Children’s University

The Children’s University provides all children aged 5-14 years with the opportunity to take part in exciting and creative learning activities outside of the normal school day. The activities can be before or after school, at weekends and during the school holidays.

The activity must be completed at a recognised Children’s University Learning Destination to ensure that it offers high quality learning.

Activities can include, for example: clubs which run during lunchtime or after school; visits to tourist attractions such as museums; formal sports coaching activities; participation in clubs and societies such as music, drama and Scouting and Guiding groups.

Once your child joins, the school will ssue with them with a special Passport to Learning.  This is where they keep a record of all the extra learning they have been doing.  The school will provide learning activities that can be included in your child’s passport.

Children can travel around Norfolk and the UK with their Passport, collecting stamps as they go. Learning Destinations across the country provide memorable, fun and good quality learning opportunities.  You can find out more about Learning Destinations across the UK by visiting

Once children reach certain milestones, they can take part in special free graduation ceremonies.

To find out more please contact Mr Wickens