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SAIG – School Advisory and Improvement Group

As part of the Evolution Academy Trust, Wensum Junior School retains its own School Advisory and Improvement Group (SAIG). Concentrating in particular on the outcomes for pupils the SAIG, operating through the Terms of Reference, holds the school to account. The SAIG comprises staff members, parent members and community members and each is appointed by the Directors for the skills they will bring to the SAIG. SAIGs are typically made up of approximately 9 volunteers to ensure efficient working practices. The SAIG is accountable to the Directors of the Evolution Academy Trust. The Directors are accountable to the Department of Education for all aspects of all schools in the Trust.

Our SAIG members are:

Sophie Coolbaugh – Chair
Victoria McConnell (Headteacher)
Louise Richardson (teacher)
Ross McLeod (parent)
Stuart Goodman (community member)