A global citizen is someone who is aware of and understands the wider world – and their place in it. They take an active role in their community and work with others to make our planet more peaceful, sustainable and fairer. OXFAM

January 2021 will see the official launch of our new Values curriculum.  It comprises three elements:

Global Citizenship:  Through our Global Citizenship curriculum children find out what it means to be an active citizen in the 21st Century, exploring the rights and responsibilities of citizens at home, at school, locally and internationally as well as learning about the organisations and institutions that govern, support and protect us in our daily lives.  We cross reference this work with the Norwich 2040 agenda and the United National Sustainable Development Goals to develop contextual understanding - think global, act local!

PSHE - Happy, healthy and safe:  spread across the year in three day blocks, this strand of our Citizenship curriculum will cover the following HRE (Health and Relationship Education); internet safety; fire and water safety; anti-bullying; First Aid; Law and Order; and learning all about keeping safe at home and in the community.

Religions of the world:  In keeping with our REAL projects philosophy, we will explore the main Abrahamic and Indian religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam; Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism) through the prism of theology (believing), philosophy (thinking) and humanity (living).  Three one week blocks are dedicated to this through the year.

Young Citizens

We use resources from the Young Citizens curriculum to ensure high quality learning for all our children.  Click the link to find out more.