Consultation 2015

On February 1st 2015 Wensum Junior School became an academy, joining the Evolution Academy Trust.  We decided to take this unique opportunity to revisit our core purpose, engaging colleagues, children and families in a conversation about what it means to work and learn at Wensum and what the future might look like.  The staff worked together to create a survey, identifying the questions we wanted to find answers to.  Children had their voice through their school council representatives, staff then completed it and then it went out to the community.

We asked the following questions.  Infographics were then created from the responses where numerical data was gathered. Click on the links to see the results:

What should be our core, shared values? Values (1)
What skills do we want our children to learn? Skills (1)
What experiences would we like our children to have? Experiences (1)
How can we improve partnership between home and school?
What do you think we do well?
What do you think we could improve?

Revisiting our core values

Our first job was to use the responses to revisit our core values.  As a new school we felt it was essential to do this first as it would be these values that underpinned everything else we did.  The top three values were honesty, kindness and respect, with inclusion, partnership and social justice following closely behind. Click here to read more.

What next?

Click  the link below to see the priorities that emerged from the consultation.  These have been woven into the school improvement and development plan (SIDP) for 2015 – 2017.

Priorities 2015 – 2017